Wow, still buzzing after a wonderful Saints victory over the Warrington Wolves on Friday night. Your #SixWordMatchReport suggestions came in, in their droves!


We liked Martin Naylor’s nod to a club legend and Ken Bold’s effort on Twitter:

As Ron Hoofe would say ORGASMIC! – Martin Naylor

Saints’ scintillating skills secure superb success – @bold_ken


Two fans (including our resident poet) had a similar idea, praising Grace and bringing a film pun too:

Austin lacks powers, Grace has pace – @phillowthian

Austin powerless against Graces amazing display – Catherine Barrow


We’ll start with the fans who recognised the whole team effort on Friday.


Most complete performance of the season! – @heato34

Great team performance routs dire Wire – @kev298

What a win proper team effort – @bern64ky

Defence unreal, attack immense, saints win. – @saintpablo91

Awesome Saints performance, Wire always Wanky – @karen_leyland

Non stop Saints overwhelm the Wolves – @jonimac4978

Amazing team, amazing fans, amazing win – @ianwhalley4

Superlative performance by our lads tonight! – @denfazzer

Awesome match tonight everyone outstanding #buzzing – @karen_leyland

Played as a team, ultimate discipline – @redveeian

All about a great team performance – @neilsimm



Strong clinical performance sinks dire wire – Stefanie Crellin

Great defence, good attack, important win – Joshua Dean

Whole team played a great part – Julie Kennedy

Awesome team performance awesome fans support! – Karen Leyland

Superb in its execution, totally professional! – Graham Tubey

End to end best team won – Ste Walsh


Next up, who did our #SixWordMatchReporters feel was man of the match?



Best 961 combo for years. – @lastdayskr

Morgan Knowles is a quality player – @emeryjason

Percival LMS Lomax Lees Grace Makinson – @mikebondse7en

He’s the reason…its Lachlan Coote!! – @arg070275

Regan Grace no substitute for pace – @mccormackmartin

He’s setting up Tommy and Regan – @ryancotty2

He’s The Reason, all that’s needed – @spn245

Ben Barba who?? Coote’s complete package – @johnlew13

Lachlan Coote is the complete package – @stottydk

Regan Grace, what a f**king player! – @nickmorgan1987

Saints defence awesome. Wire underperformed. Cooooooote! – @nmpigott1

Dominant defence/attack, It’s Lachlan Coote. – @brycowin



Amazing Grace shines for the Saints – John Case

Amazing Grace cuts down the Wires – Phil Grundy

Lachlan Coote absolutely outstanding yet again – Danny Middlehurst

“He’s setting up Tommy and Regan” – Stuart Saint Tucker

LMS give w%@#y wire twin troubles – David Johnson

Forwards show wire how it’s done – Craig Sephton

Lomax sells biggest dummy to Austin – Michael Derbyshire

Sets up Tommy and Regan he’s… – Keith Hale

He’s th’reason, top’o league this season – Jon Metcalfe

Coote is the reason were here! – Josh Hensey

Lees and Thommo cannon ball run – Ross Metcalfe

Saints win with style and Grace – Andy Waddilove

“Amazing Grace how sweet the try.” – Chris Hensey

Top of the league this season – Ryan Whitley

Wire sloppy, Saints glorious, Grace… amazing – Ryan Paul


Now Coote might have once again proved ‘He’s Electric’ and these fans were inspired for their match reports:

Not so electric wire totally exposed – @1296448_

Electrifying Saints cause re-wiring at Warrington – Marie Bullough

High Voltage Saints defuse Wires again – John Case

Electric Saints charged up against Wires – Gaynor Bray

Electrifying Saints leave poor Wire powerless. – Darren Leumas


There was one player that Saints fans weren’t impressed with on Friday (he wasn’t in the redvee…):


Tell me again who’s Blake Austin – @janewithoutay

Austin MIA as Saints destroy Wire – @cunningram711

Netflix documentary: Disappearance of Blake Austin – @mulxedgegjj

If found please return: Blake Austin – @jennytracey86

Blake Austin, just a tad overrated – @maarrccuuus

Austin MOS you’re having a giraffe – @low161

Saints run riot, Where’s Blake Austin ? – @dan_mabon

Magical Saints make Blake Austin disappear – @emzz6



Austin goes AWOL for the dire – Jason Sutton

Roby keeps Austin in his pocket! – Clare Walton

Wire really missed Blake Austin… wait! – Andrew Molyneux

Stone cold Blake Austin – absent Friday – Jane Hughes

Show pony Austin schooled by saints! – Lee Butler



We were also reminded by friend of Redvee, Russ, that no trophies are handed out early. The site editor was on hand to remind Russ about Warrington’s record in October too…all in good humour of course!

Absolutely nothing is won in April – @fatbelly57

Or during October in Wire’s case! – @redveedotnet


And Saints fans take the opportunity to look forward to Good Friday…with wise words from Frank Porrino on Facebook:

Feet on the ground Wigan next



Minor derby won now onto major – @john_1865

Little warm up for the derby – @c_mac93

Another great performance. We’ll beat Wigan – @andycardwellefc



Play with Wolves then eat pies – Lynn Beard


We had 2 entries from dads too – Ian shared apicture of his baby daughter on Facebook and @shadow_man_71 shared his daughters’ #SixWordMatchReport

Born a Saint, die a Saint – @shadow_man_71 (via his daughter)

We’ve been up all night celebrating! – Ian Taylor


We had so, so many entries so here’s the best of the rest!



Warrington are Shite. Saints are Fab – @gerardcoaches

Dirty dire Wire crushed by Saints – @everton7509

Yours Stefan, no yours Tom….merde! – @kav2216

So much better than last week! – @susanpar85

No heart attack and breathe again – @jonesylfc7752

That was out of this world – @k_jonno84

We beat them in every department – @unklemad

They’re just sheep in wolves’ clothing! – @mulxedgegjj

Never tire watching the dire Wire! – @greenbaysaint

Dirty wire back in their box – @charrison_8

We proper shut the wire up – @garyhall121212

Looks like normal service is resumed – @bringbackbiffy

Wow we were on fire tonight – @saintval56

It’s their year! It’s their year?? – @thewisemansaid

Normal service has resumed saints win – @rossstuart4ross

Swinging arm gifts eight point try – @stewwhitfield

Yes yes yes yes yes yes – @tonytyesthelens

Scintilllating stuff from the super Saints – @thenewmelb

SAINTS had WIRE in their pockets – @sthrlfc



Seasons best performance puts Saints top – Mark Maverick Dallas

Bloody awesome, thought we’d get beat – Gilly Winstanley

Real Ale. Real Rugby. Super Saints! – Derrick Jones

Classy Saints show Wire who’s entertainers – Clare Walton

Warrington 11th most successful league club – Vern Adamson

Controlled, consistent, teamwork, totally awesome Saints – Karen Lister

Saints trip wire to go top – Chris Malkin

Back in your box, tinpot club! – Peter Elder

Superb Saints back where they belong – Margaret Seagreaves

Too fast too strong too determined – Col Cotty

You’ll never be as good us!! – Paul Moran

Top of the league, still laughing – Johnny Wright

Saints excellent, superb, tremendous, Wire dire – Barbara Samuel

Super Saints go top of league. – Linda Pownall

Im amazed that was too easy – Keith Hale

Did our playing on the pitch – John Norman

We were far better than Warrington – Mark Brotherston

Can’t wait for work on Monday – Paul Corns

Just another day at the office – Barry Forbes

Wolfie gets back in the hole – Nathan Barnes

Amazing performance even with out sound – Janet Bowden

Usual wire shite far too easy – Daz Owen

Belting atmosphere and what a result. – Matt Pryor

Didn’t go towards sly sports plan – Gary Williams

I heard it’s always your year … – Mike Morris

Saints sink cocky Wolves back top! – Zoe Brown Smith

Waiting another year for their title! – Martin Harvey

Who gives a f***, wire smashed – David Smee

Couldn’t have seen that coming. Fantastic! – Rohan Whittle

Saints put Wire in their place! – Kevin Rice

Super Saints down shell shocked Wire – Darren Leumas

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