Round 6 for Saints was done and dusted on Thursday this week, as we defeated the Huddersfield Giants to maintain our 100% record this season. Once again we asked for your view on the game in our #SixWordMatchReport feature on Facebook and Twitter.

We’ll start with poetry corner – and it’s not just @phillowthian getting involved this week.

Coote’s astute boot is absolute beaut! – @badwanger

Six from six, as Lomax clicks – @phillowthian

Coote worth the loot, super boot. – @mccormackmartin


There was plenty of praise for individuals this week, and it was good to see it wasn’t the usual suspects getting all the plaudits.

Our favourite was from Twitter from @jonimac4978:

Domineering Dom dominated doomed dreadful Huddersfield



Do wah diddy diddy Dom Peyroux!!! – Stu Harrison

Coote Coote Coote Coote Coote Coote – Colin Taylor

Morgan Knowles for Great British Lions – Barry Forbes

Coote looking a real quality signing – Johnny Wright

Peyroux ran his blood to water – Alison Scott

More rounded team with Coote in – Keith James Walker

Thompson 1st try 50/1 bang on – Gary Arnold (we’re going to be asking for tips next week Gary!)

Cootes kicking is very much needed!! – Chris Hensey



Tommy he jumps like a salmon – @bjh74blueyonder

Coote’s kicking was absolutely bloody superb – @saintpablo91

Coote showing his class at fullback – @hillj1968

Peyroux the leader of the pack – @reganaldo97

Coote shines as Saints slay Giants – @stottydk


The match was a tale of two halves and fans recognised this in their Six Word Match Reports:


Giants good but our quality told – Mike Morris

First half average, Second half fantastic – Tom Foster

Good result, upset the commentary team – Geoff Lamb (there’s always Saints biased commentary on Wish FM, if you’d rather not listen to Sky!)

Great defence, powerful attack, job done! – Phil Sephton

Scored 40 points in 3rd gear. – Wayne Haselden

Saints cut Giants down to size – John Case

Clinical second half secures the points – Dean Houghton

Super saints confidently slay the giants – Andrew Daniels

Very sloppy but job well done – John Berry

Second half showed Saints slick style. – Linda Pownall

How much Vaseline on that ball – Mark Maverick Dallas

Saints dominate in second half masterclass – Val Luck



Two halves; first equal, second not! – @railroaddrunk

Saints score seven to belittle giants – @bold_ken

Determined Saints away performance slays Giants – @kev298

Need to sort out first halves. – @greenbaysaint

Total brick wall defence last night – @jonesylfc7752

6 outta 6 SAINTS marching on – @sthrlfc

Super Saints Subdue the Pies Conquerers! – @kev298

Winning margin more than against London – @broncos__london


And finally… some of you couldn’t leave a Huddersfield game without mentioning that cowbell…

Cowbell, cowbell, cowbell, cowbell, cowbell, win. – @geoggy11

Shove that bell up ya arse – @godsgift1983

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