Another Magic Weekend done and dusted with wins for Saints, Leeds, Hull KR, Warrington, Huddersfield and Catalans. But was it a hit or a miss with the fans? We asked on Twitter for fans of any club to get in touch and give us their opinions on the Liverpool Magic experience.

Our thanks to Saints fans Robert Thomas Kelly (@artiekelly), Bob Ellis (@bob_bellis), Kyle Hegarty (@younoob8989), Lucas (@lucasjames_), JustJohn (@john_1865), Wigan fans Gary Ormiston (@garyormiston1) AND Craig (@craigjohnson28), Hull fan Tom Ayers-Mason (@tomayersmason) and Warrington fan Wynne Mitchell (@wazzaster) for their opinions.


  1. How many games did you go for and who did you go with?

@artiekelie – All three on the Sunday with my mate

@bob_bellis – Went for Sunday only, arrived early and watched all 3 games. Went with usual friend I go to Saints with. Bought discount tickets through Saints along with Saints coach deal. That part was all excellent and worked excellently.

@younoob8989 – I went to the game with my Mum and a family friend.

@lucasjames_ – I got there for half time of the London v Leeds match. I went with three friends.

@john_1865 – Watched all the Sunday games with one family member under 18.

@garyormiston1 – I went with a friend

@craigjohnson28 – Day one, all 3 games with mum, dad and a friend (all Wigan fans)

@tomayersmason – Went with my two best mates and went to every game barring Leeds v London

@wazzaster – 3 games Day 1, with family & friends


  1. What are your thoughts on the area around Anfield (for restaurants, mobile food outlets, pubs etc. amenities you’d use on a day out)

@artiekelie – I know the area so had no plans to visit as basically there aren’t any anyway – so we never planned to go

@bob_bellis – The area around Anfield is not attractive. Pubs very run down looking and not inviting. It is not a feature that would attract anyone to Anfield. Liverpool city centre is the attraction.

@younoob8989 – I think the area around Anfield is great, there are plenty of places to eat and drink, however there is a lack of entertainment outside the ground. Also, there was a lot of mobile food vans that provided food and drink outside of the ground.

@lucasjames_ – Went straight in the ground. Some really good old fashioned boozers and takeaways near the ground. If you want a sit down meal, then your best bet is getting a taxi/Uber back to Liverpool city centre.

@john_1865 – Food is good outside Anfield. Two or three places on road in front of The Kop really nice, great food good prices. Pubs much better in Newcastle.

@garyormiston1 – Plenty of burger vans and several pubs.

@craigjohnson28 – Not as good as Newcastle, Stanley Park was nice though.

@tomayersmason – Fan zone wasn’t bad, little bit more than Newcastle due to the space. Surrounding areas however didn’t even know why we were there – they thought it was just a jolly boys.

@wazzaster – We walked all the way round the Stadium and saw a couple of pubs, a chip shop. A highly recommended pie shop and had a coffee from a mobile food outlet.


  1. Thoughts on the activities in the fan zone/Stanley Park?

@artiekelie – Very basic, visited the one at the back of the Anfield Road end & had a pint, but we both commented it was a bleak poor effort. It reminded me of one of those dated “theme parks “ you get at seasonal old UK seaside resorts. No thought or interest had gone into it

@bob_bellis – The Fan zone was awful. I thought the area at Newcastle was a bit mediocre but that seems great compared to the one at Anfield. To be honest I came in through Stanley Park and saw absolutely nothing going on there. Maybe things went on later but when I arrived there was nothing so didn’t go back to check.

@younoob8989 – I thought the fan park was pointless. Most fans stayed in the ground to watch the games and it was mostly empty.

@lucasjames_ – Always go straight into the ground, so hard for me to comment.

@john_1865 – Fan zone was poor but no worse than previous year just not being near city centre effects it.

@garyormiston1 – Once I got into Anfield I went straight in so would be unfair to pass judgement

@craigjohnson28 – It felt like there was considerably less than previous years at Newcastle and Manchester.

@tomayersmason – Again, not bad but will never compare to the Etihad

@wazzaster – Enjoyed the fan zone with Rugby AM usual good fun and silly games. The family zone looked busy and fun, not having any children in our company didn’t go in. Was nice to see the kids playing Rugby on the park and think this could grow and more use made of this area . Disabled parking was the cheapest of any other MW venue at £6.


  1. Did you go into Liverpool City Centre?

@artiekelie – We did not go to Liverpool city centre – as I live in South Liverpool

@bob_bellis – Didn’t go into the city centre but in my younger years that would have been a big attraction for me. Past that stuff now.

@younoob8989 – I didn’t go into Liverpool City Centre but I went to a local pub and we had something to eat and drink.

@lucasjames_ – I did not, due to the uncertainty of trains times and how packed they would be with the marathon on as well. Got a taxi from a local pub in Rainhill straight to Anfield.

@john_1865 – Work in Liverpool so don’t need didn’t miss it to be honest we go for the rugby.

@garyormiston1 – Well I could write a essay on this on ways to improve/engage the city of Liverpool– after getting the train into Lime Street, if you was visiting you would have no idea a major sporting event was taking place at Anfield, no posters, no PR girls or anything. What we should have done is a couple of weeks before on both an LFC and EFC gameday on a Sat/Sun is had a mini fanzones up the main street in city centre and got peoples’ attention and handing out flyers or ticket discounts

@craigjohnson28 – Didn’t go into the city centre as arrived on an official coach from Wigan and only had 45 minutes before the first game kicked off.

@tomayersmason – Yes it’s a fantastic night out. Prices a bit dear but very good night nonetheless

@wazzaster – did not go into City Centre. Not our thing.


  1. Your thoughts on the stadium as a venue?

@artiekelie – No problem on the stadium, atmosphere, ease of getting there, all mixed supporters in the Kenny Dalglish Stand

@bob_bellis – The stadium itself is good, the staff are welcoming and the prices are not too punishing, I’ve seen worse. However, those Kop seats are almost impossible to sit in for more than 10 minutes without contracting deep vein thrombosis. The so called big screen was teeny. Saints game atmosphere in the Kop was great though.

@younoob8989–  I thought the venue was brilliant, there was a lot of atmosphere and the Staff at Anfield were brilliant including Stewards. The seating was fine and there was a good amount of seat space.

@lucasjames_ – I’m a Liverpool fan so I’m biased, but in terms of atmosphere, it can’t be beaten. New stand makes the ground an impressive spectacle. I’m 6”1 so the leg room in the Kop was an issue.

@john_1865 – I thought the stadium was great, good buzz. Half empty it was fine, if sold out space would be an concern

@garyormiston1 – Atmosphere was very good the stadium held the noise, just compare that with Edinburgh, legroom still an issue in the new main stand

@craigjohnson28 – Atmosphere brilliant, I was in the Kop, surrounded by very loud Hull fans at first then even louder Wiganers for our game. Not bad considering we both lost. Venue wise, the seats were very cramped, even more so than Old Trafford and that takes some doing. Thought the amenities in the Kop were fantastic though, I didn’t have to queue to use the toilets or at the bar at all.

@tomayersmason – I like Anfield as a ground but the legroom is an issue for anybody over 4ft tall however, no matter where you sit

@wazzaster – We were in the Anfield Road End was as comfortable as any football stadium I have been in and better than Old Trafford. The atmosphere was fantastic on Saturday all fans mixed and sang all afternoon. Loved the convenience of ordering food in our phones and having it delivered to our seats within minutes of ordering.


  1. Would you take Magic Weekend back there?

@artiekelie – It’s closer than normal Aaints games so no issue with Anfield, and great value for money , especially to see 3 games, but I don’t get why people would go there unless it’s to see the famous ground…there’s no ”WOW” factor, nothing to do, eat, see, drink around the area. So in reality great to watch RL, but if it wasn’t RL I wouldn’t go, you may as well have played the weekend in a field miles away from any amenities. My pal commented “ we did well to last three games, pay expensive beer prices and have a pie to eat, looks like they thought that all we would want … no planning for families or thoughts of what spectators would want over such a period of time” rather sums up the day I think.

@bob_bellis – This weekend should be a celebration festival. That wasn’t, it was just 6 games played in one venue. Fun, but no way a festival. Half time and between game entertainment was dire to be honest. If they can’t do it properly with more live music and a bigger fun village outside with a fun fair etc. then I’d just go for our game and leave. I certainly couldn’t face that Kop seating for a full day again, even if I was on my feet for our game.

@younoob8989 – Yes I would bring it back for another year but maybe change the fixtures to make more derby games like Saints vs Wigan and KR VS FC. It would bring more attraction as they are the bigger Derby’s in the Super League, overall it was a great experience and I can’t wait for the next one whether at Anfield or another location.

@lucasjames_ – Would prefer it to go back to Newcastle/Cardiff. Feel like Magic Weekend deserves a city centre festival vibe to it. Also like the fact Newcastle felt like a road trip too. Anfield is only a 30 minute drive from me, so didn’t have that excitement that I did last year.

@john_1865 – Yes I would event was good. LFC staff and stewards did a great job – that said I also enjoyed the weekend away in Newcastle. The same people who moan won’t be at either

@garyormiston1 – Yes I would go back everyone deserves a second chance but, reading on Twitter, people that have attended will not be going back. It’s a fine balance and one for Robert to address. Hopefully with fan participation, I would like an announcement either way in October when we know the full make up of the 2020 SL. Personally I have an idea of having two Magic Weekends  – one in Leeds, one in Blackburn – I feel we would sell out both venues. At Elland Road play Huddersfield v Wakefield Leeds v Castleford Hull v Hull KR; at Ewood Park play Catalan v London Warrington v Salford Wigan v Saints.

@craigjohnson28 – No, I think the idea of MW is to spread the RL gospel and Anfield doesn’t achieve that goal the way Newcastle did.

@tomayersmason – Give it two more years and then let the fans decide where they want to go.

@wazzaster – Yes should definitely return in 2020 everyone will have learnt from this year and will improve. We all enjoyed every minute and no long journey home

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