Redvee.Net – Proud Sponsor of Dan Hill

Redvee.Net is the proud sponsor of Dan Hill for the 2022 Super League Season.

Thanks to the contribution of the Redee Elite Membership Group, we are delighted to be able to support Dan and the club for the upcoming season and we’re all eager to follow Dan’s progress

Elite Members

The Baileys

Andy Bowen

Mel Brown

Paul Caswell

Emily Connelly

Peter Elder

Paul Ellison

Ralph Fridge

Keith Hale

Nilan Harvey

Wayne Haselden

Dave Hitchen

Dean Houghton

Phil Leivesley

David Lyon

Alex Mowatt

Ste Norris

Kevin Pender

Emma Pender

Andrew Quick

Sam Quick

David Rigby

Adj Robinson

The Shakespeares

Tony Simpkin

Ste Smith

Nick Thorburn

Gazz Wall

Mike Webster

PJ Wilson