Saints still sit at the summit of Super League after a round 7 routing of the Castleford Tigers. We took a healthy following over to The Jungle, who were in fine form and good voice, and our followers on social media have continued that and sent us their #SixWordMatchReport.

Justin Holbrook thought the Saints “…brought their best performance of the year.” and our friends from @gerardcoaches on Twitter agreed, as did Stefanie Crellin over on Facebook:

Clinical display. Best of the season  – @gerardcoaches

Top performance from the mighty Saints – Stefanie Crellin


The match had been billed as Classy Cas versus The Entertainers – and plenty of you stuck with that theme including this belter from Val Unsworth on Facebook

Saintsational no need to say more

And from Lee Butler, also via Facebook:

Classy Cas battered by the Entertainers



Superb Saints Breeze Past “Classy” Cas – @danmabon

Superb Saints silence Sweet Caroline (again) – @davidrigby5


Super Saints quell the Tiger roar – Andrew Daniels

Super Saints out class Cas Tigers – Julie Kennedy

Super Saints still top. Benchmark raised – Paul Prescott

Super Saints tame the sorry Tigers – Lee Brooks

Super Saints stay top of league. – Linda Pownall

Sensational Saints ”Top of the Class” – Marie Bullough

Classy Cas demolished by Sizzling Saints – Anthony Kevin Mee

Classy Cas can’t handle Super Saints – Mike Morris


There were plenty of plaudits for our star performers – and our poet @phillowthian praised our Captain Fantastic

Roby v McShane – no contest again



Who needs Barba, we’ve got Coote – @wigtixfan

Defence great attack slick and Coooooottttttteeeee – @jonesylfc7752

Sign Holbrook to a long contract – @dillthedog57


McShane in the James Roby pocket – Paul Garner

Lachlan Coote best Fullback since Wellens – Scott O’Brien

Lachlan Coote Justin’s most important signing! – Kevin Rice

Mobile pack tear apart terrible Tigers. – Jonny Edwards

Whos that player wearing number 17!! – Keith James Walker

Saints thrash Cas! Who’s Ben Barba? – Andy Jones


And one of our number couldn’t single out just one player for praise:

Can’t pick man of the match – Dean Houghton (Facebook)


On Facebook, the kicking debate keeps rumbling…

Saints don’t need to kick goals – Gaz Hockenhull

We need a kicker dead bad – Alex Smith

Though it’s worth noting that Lachlan Coote kicked 5 from 9, which is slightly better (percentage-wise) than Danny Richardson’s 4 from 8 at the Jungle last year…


We were absolutely inundated with your match reports so here’s the best of the rest – and they’re all absolutely spot on!


Saints destroy Tigers in the Jungle! – @kev298

Fast, direct, physical, professional, entertaining, Cooooooooooooooote – @kebabfromgenos

Masterclass in how to beat Castleford – @greenbaysaint

Leaders meagre defence forces Tigers blunders – @badwanger

Well there’s only one word: Awesome! – @stottydk

Greg Eden four amazing assists cheers – @kav2216

Saints simply brilliant in every way – @sthrlfc

We came, we conquered, we beat – @dawnnw

A Tour de Force from Saints – @bringbackbiffy

Gave Cas 12 should be 0 – @smiain182

Classic Saints rugby. Exhilarating at times! – @leahdan1

Swarming in defence, slick in attack – @lozzyklingers


Mend-a-Hose leaks points as Saints shine. – Dave Stanley

We are looking unstoppable right now – Johnny Wright

Saints gun down Tigers in Masterclass – Andy Waddilove

Job done, thanks for coming Castleford. – Nick Russell

How the game should be played – Paula Lee

Solid defence and red hot attack – Shauny Shaun

A master class show from Saints – Jane Hughes

Saints carry on up the jungle – Andy Davey

So good it is almost unreal! – Phil Sephton

One way traffic, start to finish – Andy Mather

Eerie silence at Mend a hose! – Zoe Brown Smith

Made the Tigers look like pussies – Mike Mather

Saints blow away Castleford with ease – Mark Brotherston

Saints thrash Cas at the Jungle – Val Luck

Saints show a masterclass to Castleford – Michael Derbyshire

Daryl Powell was not very happy – Stuart Saint Tucker

I wanna be in that number – Dave Fenney


And the final word goes to Karen Leyland (via Facebook)

Well done Saints fans awesome support


I couldn’t agree more Karen, it was a pleasure to be part of the away end on Friday – has anyone been able to stop singing that Lachlan Coote song yet?

We’ll be back after the Hull KR game for your #SixWordMatchReports – thanks to all who got involved!

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