Saints maintain their 100% record and, after a professional performance to dispatch Salford in round 4, we asked our social media followers for their #SixWordMatchReport.


Our favourite from Facebook was Sam Stanley’s comment – which describes the game perfectly:

“Roby shines in professional away display”


Over on Twitter at @redveedotnet, @bold_ken impressed us with this amazing alliteration:

“Superb Saints successfully subdue stubborn Salford”

(Ken is the author of Saints: The Final Countdown


And once again Phil Lowthian sent us his report in the form of a verse:

“Roby’s superb double bursts Salford’s bubble”


Quite a few of your Six Word Match Reports focused on one man, the human dynamo.

“He goes by the name of…” – @joshglover_ (Twitter)


“James Roby James Roby James Roby” – Claire Topping (Facebook)

“James Roby, James Roby, James Roby” – @emjhu (Twitter)

“James Roby, James Roby, James Roby!!” – @pauljpritchard (Twitter)


“Roby Roby Roby Roby Roby Roby” – Samantha Pearce (Facebook)

“Roby Roby Roby Roby Roby Roby” – @john_1865 (Twitter)

Some great minds in our notifications!



“James Roby Masterclass,Man of Steel !” – Kevin Rice

“Want to be on Robys diet!” – Chris Hensey (I’m starting with his hairstyle Chris! – KP)

“James Roby for man of steel” – Martin Lee Johnson

“Roby awesome Saints never in doubt!” – Derrick Jones



“Roby worth the twenty five quid” – @st04bez

“James Roby isn’t allowed to retire” – @spn245 (hear hear!)

“Roby Super Man. Defence super strong.” – @leahdan1

“Roby man of steel in waiting” – @liam_armstrong

“James Roby is a living legend!” – @leebluenose

‘You’re watching the Man of Steel’ – @stottydk

“Wrap Roby in cotton wool please.” – @jonimac4978

“I’m sure James Roby is immortal” – @sthrlfc (we hope so!)


Others commented on the weather, as it rained incessantly, the Saints display and who else shone.

Still that man James Roby was getting the love too!



“Dreadful night but Saints secure win.” – Linda Pownall

“Fantastic defence throughout, Salford played well” – Matty Consuela Morrey

“Enthusiastic, professional and the outstanding Rioby” – Eileen Cummings

“Morgan Knowles St Helens unsung hero” – Barry Forbes

“Poor officials, poor Salford, super Saints” – Geoff Lamb

“Saints win on soggy Salford pitch” – Val Luck

“Good win tough game terrible conditions” – Helen Mercer

“Great defence, Roby class as usual” – Clint Pell

“Saints to hot for Red Devils” – Andrew Daniels

“Played the conditions. Kick kick kick” – Rohan Whittle

“Not entertaining but controlled the game”- Mark Maverick Dallas

“Saints remain unbeaten to go top” – Adam Bowden

“Roby, defence, Fages, defence, Roby, attack” – Paul Birkett

“Last plays not that great yet.” – David Smee

“Ben Thaler doesn’t know the rules” – Stuart Saint Tucker



“Saints raindance as Roby scores twice.” – @saints_1974

“Most complete eighty minutes this season” – @reganaldo97

“Defence immense, Roby Coote Peyroux outstanding” – @nathanokell

“Filthy night, solid display, Roby masterclass!” – @pcaswell63

“Good professional performance in testing conditions.” – @saint_toffee

“Defence immense, 7 missed tackles, wow!” – @badwanger

“Well done my team Happy tonight” – @bjh74blueyonder

“Roby Lomax Fages Thompson Walmlsey wow.” – @eyesofthewild

“Teach Percy to pass to wingers” – @gazcol1965


And finally we’ll end with 2 questions sent in to us:

“How’s Walmsley? Didn’t do many minutes.” – Paul Brookes

“Any way back for Danny now?” – @hillj1968

While we’ve not heard how Walmsley is, we definitely think there’s a way back for Danny. There’s always the potential for injuries, loss of form and as long as Danny keeps working hard and his attitude right there’s no reason he can’t find his way back into the red vee.


Thanks for all the entries – even those longer or shorter than 6 words – we’ll be asking again after the home game against London Broncos.

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