The Super League season is back underway and we’re asking for your #SixWordMatchReport‘s across our social media channels. Here are a selection from the round 1 victory over the Salford Red Devils.


You were more than enamoured with the start to the season:

“What a start to the season” – Linda Pownall

“A perfect start to the season” – Jane Hughes

And the term ‘clinical’ was popular amongst our followers:

“Same old Saints. Clinical and dominant”- Martin Darwin

“Clinical start no rust on Saints” – Peter Diggles

Some were more than happy to remind everyone how we finished last season- AS CHAMPIONS!

“Reigning Champions dominate season opener again” – Stephen Cunningham

And also how we seemingly carried on the good form from last season…

“Picked up where we left off” – Mark Brotherston



We’ll start where we left off from Facebook with @neilc5107, @halewkwoo, @gmlewis79 and @pab10anon all echoing these thoughts:

“Like we have never been away” – @carl0salbert0

Mark agrees that we were great at both ends of the pitch on Friday night:

“Defensive masterclass with finishing of Champions” – @markcardwell76

A full match report in these 6 words, we love to see it:

“Steady start, solid defence, clinical finishing” – @potter_brewer

Stottydk pointed out that even though there was a change in the coaching hot seat, the performance was still great:

“Different boss and same top performance” – @stottydk

A total performance for one of our followers:

“Totally committed, totally focused, totally brilliant – @mccormackmartin

And finally, we love us some alliteration:

“Slowly, surely, Salford suffered, Saints superb” – @carlpainter5

Keep your eyes on our social media after the Warrington game where we’ll ask for more #SixWordMatchReports



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