Round 2 Opponents: Wakefield Trinity

Founded: 1873

Ground: Mobile Rocket Stadium, Belle Vue.

Coach: Chris Chester

Home colours: Royal blue jersey with white and red bands, white shorts

Alternative colours:  Grey jersey with dark grey collar, shoulders and neon & white chevrons, dark grey shorts

Match Squads

Wakefield: 1. Ryan Hampshire, 2. Tom Johnstone, 3. Bill Tupou, 4. Reece Lyne, 5. Ben Jones-Bishop, 6. Jacob Miller, 7. Danny Brough, 8. David Fifita, 9. Kyle Wood, 10. Anthony England, 11. Matty Ashurst, 12. Danny Kirmond, 14. Justin Horo, 15. Craig Kopczak, 16. Tinirau Arona, 17. Craig Huby, 18. Joe Arundel, 22. George King, 26. Jordan Crowther

Saints: 1. Jonny Lomax, 2. Tommy Makinson, 3. Kevin Naiqama, 4. Mark Percival, 5. Regan Grace, 6. Theo Fages, 7. Danny Richardson, 8. Alex Walmsley, 9. James Roby, 10. Luke Thompson, 11. Zeb Taia, 12. Joseph Paulo, 13. Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, 15. Morgan Knowles, 16. Kyle Amor, 17. Dominique Peyroux, 19. Matty Lees, 22. James Bentley, 23. Lachlan Coote

Brace Yourself?

  • The first try scorer in each of our games last year against Wakefield went on to score another in the game: Mark Percival (away in the 24-20 defeat in April), Regan Grace (at home in the 34-30 win in June) and Tommy Makinson (away in the 36-16 win in August).
  • Mark Percival also scored a brace in the first meeting of the clubs in 2017 (a 16-12 defeat at Langtree Park).
  • 4 of the last 6 games between the two clubs have ended with a 4 point difference (16-12 (L) in 2017, 18-16 (W) in 2017, 24-20 (L) in 2018, 34-30 (W) in 2018). The other 2 games ended with Saints winning by at least 20 points (both at Belle Vue).
  • Saints have lost their first fixtures against Wakefield by 4 points in the past 2 seasons (1 at home, 1 away). The defeat in 2018 was our first loss in the league at Wakefield since 2012 – we had won all 6 Super League games at Belle Vue since that loss.
  • The last Saints player to score a hat trick against Wakefield was Shannon McDonnell in 2016.
  • Players to make their debut in the past 10 years against Wakefield: Matty Lees (September 2017), Zeb Taia (March 2017) and Jonny Lomax (March 2009).

Saints defeated Trinity by a score of 42-18 on Jonny Lomax’s debut. 3 players who played that day have been named in the 19 man squads for this game – Lomax, Danny Brough (who recently returned to Belle Vue) and Matty Ashurst who left Saints in 2011.

Super League – 27th March 2009 – Jonny Lomax’s Debut

Wakefield Trinity 18

Tries: Atkins, Murphy, Snitch Goals: Brough (3)

St Helens 42

Tries: Pryce (3), Gardner, Gidley, Graham, Puletua, Wheeler Goals: Wheeler (3), Gidley (2)


Wakefield Trinity: Blaymire, Blanch, Gleeson, Atkins, Murphy; Grix, Brough; Wilkes, Leo-Latu, Pitts, Snitch, Ferguson, Demetriou.

Replacements: Bibb, Henderson, Obst, Sculthorpe.

Saints: Lomax, Gardner, Gidley, Gilmour, Meli; Wheeler, Pryce; Graham, Cunningham, Hargreaves, Wilkin, Flannery, Clough.

Replacements:  Puletua, Fa’asavalu, Cayless, Ashurst.


Last Season at the Mobile Rocket Stadium

Super League – 15th April 2018

Wakefield 24

Tries: Jones-Bishop, Lyne, Horo, Tupou Goals: Finn (4)

St Helens 20

Tries: Percival (2), Makinson, Douglas Goals: Richardson (2)


Wakefield: Grix, Jones-Bishop, Lyne, Arundel, Tupou, Miller, Finn, Huby, Randell, Hirst, Ashurst, Kirmond, Horo.

Replacements: Wood, England, Arona, Baldwinson.

St Helens: Barba, Makinson, Morgan, Percival, Grace, Lomax, Richardson, Amor, Smith, Thompson, Peyroux, Taia, Wilkin.

Replacements: Fages, McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Douglas, Knowles.

Super 8’s 16th August 2018

Wakefield 16

Tries: Wood, Pauli, Tupou Goals: Hampshire (2)

St Helens 36

Tries: Makinson (2), Lomax, Fages, Douglas, Grace Goals: Richardson (6)


Wakefield: Jowitt; Jones-Bishop, Lyne, Tupou, Johnstone; Miller, Hampshire; Fifita, Randell, England, Ashurst, Batchelor, Horo.

Replacements: Wood, Pauli, Arona, Huby.

St Helens: Barba; Makinson, Costello, Percival, Grace; Lomax, Richardson; Amor, Roby, Douglas, Knowles, Taia, McCarthy-Scarsbrook.

Replacements: Fages, Wilkin, Lees, Ashworth.

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