Chapelhouse St Helens are delighted to announce they have partnered with No Duff UK. 

No Duff UK is a local Community Interest Company founded by Dean Owen, who recognised the need to support both serving and retired Forces members who suffer from PTSD and help remove the stigma around mental health issues from their time in the military. 

Dean served in HM Forces and has worked in HMP, the Police and the RSPCA. 

He states: “There isn’t a lot that I haven’t seen or that shocks me anymore. My aim is to help those of us who have kept the monsters at bay, but who too fight their own demons and black dogs.”


The organisation, which is based in the Wonderland Community Centre directly opposite from Chapelhouse St Helens dealership, take their name from the military communications term for “This is not a drill”. You may have even seen their minibus that is used to primarily support military veterans. 

Dean and his team offer counselling to current and ex-servicepeople, no matter how big or small the problems they face may be. Recently, they have even opened their doors up to anyone who is suffering from the effects of conflict.

Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, Dean and his team have worked to provide food and clothing for those affected. They recently returned from Ukraine under the name ‘Operation Fidelis’. Whilst there, they delivered a over 200 boxes of medical aid and an ambulance to the southern parts of Ukraine. They will be returning to Ukraine after some decompression and rest

Chapelhouse St Helens is supporting No Duff by encouraging staff to donate clothing and food to the new collection points that we have set up in the Service & Parts Reception.

The clothing will be donated to No Duff and the people they assist, while the food parcels will go to  support the food bank that is located next door to them in the Wonderland Community Centre. On top of this, Chapelhouse will be making a financial contribution to No Duff each month to help fund the therapy sessions they run. 

Chapelhouse Finance Director Nick Duffield said: “It would be great for us all to help. Food donations would preferably be dry or tinned, and clothing can be anything, including shoes. We will aim to do this each month moving forwards and I hope we can all contribute in some way.”

You can learn more about No Duff UK on their website ( and the Veterans Foundation that they work with (



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