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Thread: Redvee TV: Saints 6-8 Hull FC

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    Default Redvee TV: Saints 6-8 Hull FC

    Instant Reaction following Saints 8-6 defeat against Hull FC:

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    One thing that stood out for me was how few times the forwards took the ball in in our sets. On the few sets we completed that is, only one carry was executed by a forward, usually Walmsley. I don't understand that. Is that Holbrook deciding that? Is it the halfbacks and dummy half deciding it? Either way it just daft to have Kyle Amor (and other big lads) stood there watching Grace etc. taking the ball in again and again on a night like that.

    Inevitably the smaller backs don't achieve the metres needed against a big Hull side and Richardson/Smith end up having to put a kick in from the half way line.

    Bad tactics or lazy forwards?

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