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Thread: OBIDOO and three wishes

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    Default OBIDOO and three wishes

    Anyone of a certain vintage may or may not remember OBIDOO it was a discount store perhaps the first one in the town and took over the old Oxley store. I never thought that would signal a staged decline in the town but it did over time and now we have a town centre full of discount stores and a council which in the words of a coach who loved to quote has "fell out of love with itself" generally a place on its knees and heading for a dumping ground.

    Now we are at the stage where we have slowly but surely become the OBIDOO of rugby league and it is actually quite scary. Castleford on Saturday was similar if not worse than Hull in the cup last year, this great club tonked and embarrassed two years on the run and the sad part about it this year I left on the hooter and walked back to the coach whilst last year I was literally going bananas.

    Mr Coleman is allegedly ensuring the club is stable financially and I thank him for that but it feels as though our only hope is a young Aussie coach who may or may not have his hands tied. If I had three wishes now for the club we all love it they would be.

    1. For the fan base to stick with it and the reason is not blind loyalty but without the Saints we do not have much else and believe it or not many years ago Huddersfield had a massive fan base which over time disappeared and in reality never has come back, Oldham and Wakey very similar once it goes it can go for good.

    2. Please stop the pile it high stack it cheap approach "Cunningham" "Eamon" "Rush" whoever it has been stop taking our fan base for fools we do not want to see the continued importation of players like Dawson, Lee, Owens, we want to see lads brought through like we had with Jonkers, Stankevitch, Hardman not world beaters but our lads brought through and with a real feeling for the club.

    3. The club is lacking leadership and if we are striving for commercial strength through Langtree it needs to be balanced with a strong on field exciting quick brand of Saints rugby not always winning everything but something to look forward to every week even in 81/82 it was fun. My third wish is leadership and that Mr Coleman parachutes someone into the club to give overall direction for the business and gives the new coach every help to break this cycle of implosion of either cheap or at times since 2009 even the mercenary options from 12000 miles away or even closer.

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    Wasn't it Oobidoo? Had a basement shopping bit?

    I remember being about 13 and buying a load of dodgy fireworks from there - one quick "are you 16?" and a squeaky "yes" from very-not-16-looking me, and they were putting the several packs of mini-rockets in a bag.

    Anyway, WRT to your point, we're apparently spending to the Cap, so the issue must be that we're overpaying for too many poorly performing players. Saying that, we don't ever seem to compete for the top quality players that come available these days. Wasn't that long ago that we replaced Jamie Lyon with Matt Gidley who, whilst not quite in the same top, top bracket, would have been on a big wedge. Additionally, although they turned out not great, the signings of Perry, Laffranchi & Hohaia were all pricey.

    IMO it's not the overall spend on wages that's been the issue, but a combination of really poor recruitment, some rank bad luck, and giving stupidly big new contracts to existing players who really don't warrant them. Let's not forget that EMc voted for the increased Cap and 2 marquee signings change - he'd hardly be likely to do that if we weren't going to try to take advantage of it.

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