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RedVee.Net has been identified as suffering from the Heartbleed bug. This does NOT mean that you or your computer will be hacked but your visits to RedVee and your password could be read by an attacker.
The appropriate steps are being taken by us to resolve the issue.

DO NOT PANIC - RedVee.Net does not have and does not use any of your personal or financial information. The only personal information RedVee.Net has, the only information that can be obtained, is your username and password.

Contrary to news reports, just changing your password will not prevent an attack: instead, your new password would be read. In order to protect yourself, ensure that your RedVee.Net password is unique, so that in the very unlikely event that your password is obtained, the worst the hackers could do is post "I love Wigan" under your username.

Generally speaking you should always have unique passwords for ALL websites, with or without any security alerts in place. Having one password for many sites is bad practice as it leaves you open to vulnerabilities.
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